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Meeting Me

a Middle Grade Graphic Novel


When six-year-old Mup accidentally time travels into the future, much to the horror of her sixteen-year-old self, the unlikely pair is faced with a global environmental disaster that they alone can solve – but only if they work together.

January 2, 2019

The characters for Meeting Me were inspired by real people in my life.

First there's Mup, my sister. She was named Arianna but no one calls her that. Even now, as a student-athlete at Dartmouth College, she's listed on the track roster as "Muppy Gragg." As kids we spent...

July 8, 2018

How does one create an original, rich narrative out of thin air? As a storyteller, I used to think it was a form of cheating to take inspiration from memory and experiences. But now I'm convinced that some of the strongest stories are inspired by creators' own lives. M...

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Raea Gragg is an author, illustrator, and animator specializing in graphic novels and children's books