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Adventure awaits and Mup is ready for it. But with one bad wish, a creeping disaster unfolds and Mup finds herself trapped in the future, face-to-face with the one person she never wanted to become: her teenage self.
With the world's plants dying all around them, the girls must overcome their differences and work together to uncover the secret to the planet's survival - which may have something to do with a forgotten mystery of the earth's prehistoric past. 

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

A bold, entertaining, and intelligent environmental tale with great emotional resonance - a winner... 

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The pages came to life from the first to the last, and relevant social issues are revealed in a fun and non-threatening way. This is a story for all ages: the young, to introduce them to the important issue of conservation; the teenager, to soothe their anxiety about leaving childhood behind; the adult, for a gentle reminder about the feelings of being a teenager and the importance of holding onto the family. Raea Gragg is truly a more reviews

5star-shiny-web_readers' favorite.png

Joanie Chevalier for Readers' Favorite

Introducing MUP the graphic novel

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