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Parents, Teachers, Librarians:
Do you know a Reluctant Reader?

I get it.

I'm available to visit your class, join a zoom meeting, or lead a workshop on storytelling, character design, or graphic novel writing. My #1 goal is to inspire kids to love reading! 


Teacher Testimonials

On Monday, November 1, my third grade class at Happy Valley Elementary School was so very privileged to have author, illustrator extraordinaire, Raea Gragg, come talk to us. Raea Gragg is a writer, illustrator, and animator specializing in stories for children and teens. She wrote her first book at age 15 and now works developing projects for the film industry. "Mup” is her first graphic novel. Raea graduated from Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television with a BA in animation in 2020 and lives in Lafayette, Ca. 


Raea had a beautifully prepared slide show to share with my students.  She explained about her life, her inspiration, and her process she goes through as an author/illustrator. The animation trailer she created for her novel "Mup” was out of this world spectacular. The story is about an adventure a girl has that sends a message to readers of inclusion, empowerment and environmental awareness. It is funny, meaningful and easy to read. 


My students were amazed by Raea’s story.  She grew up having difficulty learning to read which made school hard for her. Her perseverance, grit and resilience shone through in her presentation.  Many of my students have written their own graphic novel this week because they were so inspired by Raea. 


I highly recommend Raea Gragg as an impactful speaker to any classroom. She is magical! 

Jan Broad

Third Grader Teacher
Happy Valley Elementary School, Lafayette, CA

We were blessed with 3 separate speaker opportunities from Raea Gragg at the high school level, and she did such a tremendous job! Her infectious personality and her support of young creatives offered students the courage to ask bold questions and intersect with their own journey. Hearing about Raea's graphic novel (Mup) and current projects was especially rewarding for students in the classroom. I highly recommend her as a guest speaker to any programs in the animation, creative writing, video or entertainment industries. 

Justin Seligman

Video Production Teacher
Acalanes High School, Lafayette, CA
Campolindo High School, Moraga, CA

Dear Raea,
It was such a delight to meet you. Thank you so much for joining us (virtually) in the LES Learning Lab. We loved hearing your story! It was so powerful for my students to hear about your journey from a student to an accomplished writer/illustrator/filmmaker. You are truly an inspiration!

Ali Jones

Education Specialist
Learning Lab
Lafayette Elementary School, Lafayette, CA
When an elementary school teacher asked, "How did you become a storyteller?"
This was my reply.
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