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and the Mammoth

Second in the Mup Graphic Novel Trilogy
Middle-Grade Graphic Novel for ages 7+

Mup and Mammoth brings to life another adventure in true Mup style - only this time she meets her younger self - and a new sister that she’s not so sure about!  Although events don’t always unfold smoothly in Mup’s world, she uses her bravery, determination, and encyclopedic knowledge of the Pleistocene era to overcome her challenges.  Children of all ages will respond to the vibrant and descriptive art, exciting story, and the gentle themes of maternal and sisterly love, loss, and family.  An extremely worthy second act in the Mup series!

- Jennifer Overaa, Librarian, San Anselmo Public Library

Mup is back! But there's a new girl in town: her soon-to-be  stepsister. 
This is the sequel you've been asking for!
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