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Little Coconut Island 

Poor Little Coconut is cast adrift! It's scary being all alone. But then, Little Coconut washes ashore onto a tiny island. He makes friends and thrives and soon has a family of his own. Short animated film "Little Coconut Island" story and illustration by Raea Gragg, animation and music by Carson Gragg. Created from original art alongside Pika Labs and Stable Diffusion.

Trailer for Mup the graphic novel

My senior thesis, an animated trailer for my graphic novel that I animated, storyboarded, and directed. LMU School of Film and Television class of 2020. 

Purrnoodle Loses His Capoodle

My sophomore film, LMU School of Film and Television, 2017


My first 3D animation, LMU School of Film and Television, 2018

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