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Middle-Grade Graphic Novels in the works


Early Middle-Grade

Reluctant Readers

Boys and Girls


The heartwarming story of a little girl who overcomes her learning disabilities through the unwavering support of her best friend - an orange tabby cat named Pumpkin. Not only does the little girl learn to read, but she ends up inspiring other kids to read as well. Based on a true story, this middle-grade graphic novel is approximately 210 pages and 2000 words.

Raea and pump_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Canyon Kids

Middle-Grade Series

Slice of Life/Comedy

Boys and girls ages 7-11


An adventurous series, following the wild and chaotic Gragg family, grounded in the wonder of nature and unconditional (if slightly dysfunctional) family love. Based on real events and misadventures of the four Gragg kids who navigate the troubles of growing up. Whether at school, roaming the neighborhood, or deep in the backyard canyon, silly shenanigans are always underway!

Canyon Kids art_edited_edited.jpg

Banana Slugs

Middle-Grade Series

Coming of Age/Drama

Girls ages 7-11


During the unforgettable summer before middle school, this five-book graphic novel series follows 12-year-old Annika Anderson at summer camp, where she navigates the ups and downs of each unique friendship with her cabin mates, the Banana Slugs.

Banana Slug Pitch 5.7_edited.jpg

Bodega Bay


Boys ages 8-12

Fourteen-year-old Alex Hamada is forced to spend the summer with his artsy grandmother, in a sleepy beach town on the California coast. He plans to pass the time playing video games, but it seems the ocean has other plans. Can Alex figure out what the world is trying to tell him in order to save the lives of everyone in town, while also finding the courage to tell the surfer girl next door how he feels?

Bodega bay concept.jpg
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