Gale Bay

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A summer fling on the California coast results in an emotional rollercoaster of seismic proportions.

Gale Bay is a 170-page YA graphic novel. The coming-of-age thriller follows Ben, a Japanese-American teen who simultaneously wrestles love, loss, and an impending natural disaster that he alone has the power to solve.


Not at all thrilled by his parent's decision to leave him and his sister in the small town of Gale Bay for the summer, Ben decides to ride out his days playing video games. However, Popo, Ben's grandma, has other plans, including kicking Ben out of the house to have "fun in the sun," where he meets Rosemary, the cool surfer girl next door. Ben instantly crushes on Rosemary and proceeds to make a fool of himself in front of her and the local surfer squad. He spends his night wallowing in teen angst and video games until he makes an unusual discovery: the living room is alive with ocean spirits! 

Ben spends the next few weeks haunted by visions of ghostly sea creatures swimming through town while simultaneously trying to navigate friendships and the rawness of first love. Meanwhile, larger concerns come into focus– his parent’s troubled relationship and his grandmother’s illness.


But when Ben discovers that Rosemary is dating Ash, the hot surfer, Ben’s world is cast awry in a series of cataclysmic events including the simultaneous discovery that Popo is dying and his parents are getting a divorce! A minor earthquake shakes the unsuspecting town in the height of the fourth of July holiday activities. 

Realizing that his visions are alluding to an impending tsunami, Ben must save the town.  He rallies the surfer squad to herd people up the mountain. However, in a miscommunication with his kid sister, Mimi, Ben and Rosemary must circle back to heroically save Mimi and Popo.