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How to write for comics

Writing comics or graphic novels can be really fun! I know I have a lot of fun creating them myself but are you thinking… where do I start? Well first you need to think of an idea! Here are the ways that I come up with ideas:




I ask myself: what if?


What if: Space monkeys invaded the dentist office?

What if: A dragon coughed up a kid?

What if: I woke up one morning and I could talk to animals?

What if: a group of girl scouts got lost in the woods?


Now you try!


What if:

What if:

What if:

What if:

What if:



Let’s say you have thought of the coolest idea for a comics book or graphic novel but youre not really sure what to do next?


Try this, expand your story with these simple steps:


Once upon a time there was…..

Every day…

One day…

Because of that… 

And because of that…

Until finally….


I’ll go first and show you:


Once upon a time there was a boring dentist. Every day no one wanted to come to the dentist office because it was no fun at all. One day a spaceship crashed on his dentist office! Because of that all of these space monkeys stormed out of the spaceship and started creating chaos in his office. Because of that the dentist tried everything he could do to stop the monkeys! Until finally the dentist realized that the space monkeys made his office more fun and people wanted to come to the dentist and get their teeth cleaned with the help of the space monkeys.


Now it’s your turn take your idea and expand it:


Once upon a time there was:______________________________________________________________________

Every day:_________________________________________________________________

One day:__________________________________________________________________

Because of that:___________________________________________________________

And Because of that:___________________________________________________________

Until finally:_________________________________________________________________



There you go! 

What if?
and then...
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