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Escaping Elsewhere

Nothing's normal. Dad's crazy. Mom's missing. I live in a cornfield, in Idaho. Life only gets stranger when the CIA abducts me from math class. Could Dad's ramblings about Kepler Star 8468285 be true? Why can't I just struggle with math and hang out with my friends like a normal person? Why do my problems involve the whole universe? I mean, come on, I just want to go home.

                                                                                         Young Adult ages 10 and up.

"An intricate and packed story, many moving parts, with excellent writing. The subplots have been crafted as finely as the main plot, and author has a great talent for characterization. We get many moments of tension and danger here, each wrapping up well for a satisfying end to a very nuanced book."

- Judge, 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"Imaginative and difficult to put down, the work is one that some young adults may finish in a single night. It's hard to believe that author Gragg (The Fox Trot, 2014) is in high school —her writing is so adept. The tale is also beautifully paced, and the action never flags. With clever banter, plenty of action and a touch of history, Gragg's work is a welcome reprieve from dystopian YA novels." 


 -"A lively, smart novel for teens and imaginative adults alike."

                                                                                     Kirkus Reviews 

The Fox Trot


"In her remarkably accomplished debut novel, Gragg, a high schooler, skillfully combines a truly spooky ghost story with a coming-of-age tale."


- Kirkus Reviews 

                                                                                Young Adult Ages 12 and up

Two things happen on the first day of Jaden's sophomore year: First, the weird lady from the Stop-N-Shop tells him a prophecy that will terrorize him. Second, he sees a dark-haired girl standing in the shadows of the auditorium who will change him forever.


Jaden barrels headfirst into catastrophe as he tracks down the mysterious new girl. He becomes so obsessed with her that he doesn't realize his life is falling apart around him: his English teacher hates him, his best friend thinks he has lost his mind, and he doesn't even care that the hottest girl in school is in love with him.


There is no turning back as Jaden uncovers the legend of the Duncan Shipyard, burried deep in the bayou of Louisiana's shameful past.

Purr Noodle Loses his Capoodle


A spoiled cat named Purr Noodle must learn to share his room, his bed, and his throne.

                                                                                    Childrens Picture Book ages 1 and up

Why the Air Grew Cold
Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key Award Winner, 2015 Personal Memior,
West Writing Region at Large

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All the Worlds in One
Skipping Stones, A Multicultural Literay Magazine
July-Sept 2015
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