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  1. Raea plans her first-ever sleepover, outside in a tent! However, her little sister Muppy (who has always shared a room with Raea) is jealous and secretly scared to sleep all by herself. Muppy decides to sabotage Raea’s sleepover with the help of her mischievous little brother Carson! But maybe they aren’t the only ones pulling pranks!

  2. Raea decides to grow a vegetable garden with the help of her dad, however she soon learns she needs to recruit the help of each of her siblings to keep the forest critters out of her veggie patch! And maybe at the end of the day sharing is caring after all.

  3. The Gragg kids rescue a baby big horned owl in a storm. The four kids decide to hide the baby owl from their parents and raise it as their own. However, they all come to the conclusion that what’s best for the baby owl is to bring it to a wildlife sanctuary

  4. Raea and Muppy discover a cache of crystals and decide to keep their discovery a secret from the rest of the family. However, when their crystals go missing, the girls blame a jealous Carson and try to get into his booby-trapped room and elaborate secret safe. At the end of the day, the girls realize they want to show everyone what they found. Together as a family, they discover a huge quartz crystal they call the Family Jewels.

  5. It’s Halloween night and the Gragg kids triple-dog-dare each other to venture inside the haunted shack in the woods. The creepy shack turns out to belong to an even creepier old man! But it turns out there’s nothing scary about him after all! He is actually a wildlife biologist and he teaches the kids about the forest animals, particularly peregrine falcons.

  6. Carson refuses to eat fruit and vegetables from their dad’s garden. So the kids devise a plan to sell the produce and raise money for a chocolate fondue fountain. They set up an organic produce stand downtown. However, starting a business and working as a team can be more challenging than they first anticipated. And Carson learns that fruit isn’t actually all that bad

  7. Gary takes the kids on a surf trip down the California coast where a series of mishaps ensue. But the four kids learn about coastal redwoods, dudleya succulents, and even have a mighty run-in with a great white shark.

  8. The Gragg kids finally convince their parents to adopt a dog, Hugo! However, can the kids adjust to their newest family member if it means he eats all their toys and poops everywhere? They all get a taste of adult responsibility and what it means to truly sacrifice for someone that you love.

  9. Jared’s first night of babysitting starts off badly: his pet snake gets loose inside the house. Meanwhile, Muppy discovers a taste for coffee, Raea gets trapped in the crawlspace and Carson is simply nowhere to be found. Can the kids get the house in order before their parents come home?

  10. For Raea’s ninth birthday, she wants to take her school friends on a hike through the canyon but it gets dark and a rainstorm sets in. Her dad thinks it would be funny to dress up like Sasquatch and scare everyone! Can all the birthday goers and Gragg kids make it out of the forest by outsmarting Sasquatch?


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