Mup Book Reviews

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Raea Gragg’s fresh and dynamic art combines with her storytelling talent to deliver a rollicking adventure that explores the themes of environment disaster, stewardship, and rejuvenation – all layered on top of a poignant tale of the inner struggle for identity caused by growing up. A must-read for graphic novel lovers of all ages!


Jennifer Overaa, Librarian, San Anselmo Public Library 

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Mup, written and illustrated by Raea Gragg, is a graphic novel with beautiful and eye-catching illustrations, and the topics about being environmentally conscious, the angst of turning into a teenager, and family are timely and creative. Mup is a cheerful and high-spirited young girl who does not have a care in the world. She meets up with her teenaged self, Arianna, who only cares about how popular and pretty she is. Arianna’s world is a dreary place, with all the plants now dead, but her father, a botanist as well as a contagious optimist, is on a mission to Africa to find the hidden valley where a cure can be found to reverse all the damage. There, Mup, her future self, and their father, as well as a few other lively characters meet the evil villain whose only mission is to drill for oil and get rich. Mup by Raea Gragg is a fantastic way to introduce important social issues to children.

I was impressed with the creative storyline and gorgeous eye-popping graphic designs and illustrations in Mup by Raea Gragg. The pages came to life from the first to the last, and relevant social issues are revealed in a fun and non-threatening way. This is a story for all ages: the young, to introduce them to the important issue of conservation; the teenager, to soothe their anxiety about leaving childhood behind; the adult, for a gentle reminder about the feelings of being a teenager and the importance of holding onto the family. Raea Gragg is truly a dynamo and I expect to see more work from this talented author and illustrator.

Reviewed by Joanie Chevalier for Readers' Favorite