a graphic novel

Mup © is a 278-page middle grade graphic novel following two girls on their adventure to save the world and learn to accept the changes that come with time, while staying true to themselves. The story was a quarter finalist in Final Draft Screenplay Competition 2018. 


It's fully inked, partially colored and almost ready to drop!

  • Pages:  278

  • Word count:  4,632 

  • Panels:  1,167

  • Audience:  7-11 year olds, reluctant readers

  • Key themes:  Coming of age, action adventure, self-discovery, nature and environment, friendship and fitting in,  Africa, dinosaurs, strong female leads, multi-cultural

  • Status:  It is fully storyboarded, fully inked, and partially colored (45% complete) and lettered (20% complete). Spreads are intended to be in full-color. An animated trailer is currently in production.





Raea Gragg is an author, illustrator, and animator specializing in graphic novels and children's books